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Encouraging a Philanthropy Culture

As part of our quest for improvement to children’s health in Brazil, we believe that private institutions, social organizations, and the population as a whole, really have a great potential of having an influence on the Government and of making changes materialize. Apart from joint action to carry out projects, we also identify a need to promote a culture of philanthropy, still closely linked to one-off efforts in the case of situations of calamity.

Changing this situation would require a continuous group effort from reputable institutions, and this is the reason why we act in partnership with other organizations of this segment in order to make philanthropy stronger in Brazil.

Support for organizations and infrastructure initiatives in this sector

IDIS – Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (Institute for the Development of Social Investment)

We have been supporting and sponsoring IDIS initiatives since 2015, and here we highlight the Forum of Philanthropists and Social Investors, the Donation Brazil survey, and the Coalition for Philanthropic Funds.

ABCR – Associação Brasileira de Captadores de Recursos (Brazilian Association of Resource Capturers)

We have been supporting this institution’s advocacy program ever since its inception in 2018, with the main scope being the end of the tax on donations of public interest (ITCMD), Donation Day, the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (OSCs) for GAFI, the Bank Benchmark for Donations, among other issues of interest related to donations and their processing.

MCD – Movimento por uma Cultura de Doação (Movement for a Donation Culture)

We support the strengthening of the movement, the task force that set the guidelines for the development of the donation culture in the country, and are part of the coordinating committee of the movement. Further information can be obtained on the website www.doar.org.br.

Economic Study of the Economic Contribution of the Third Sector (SITAWI and MCD)

Support for carrying out a study to be made by the Economic Research institute Foundation (FIPE) in order to make an estimate of initial, direct, indirect and induced impacts of the activities of the third sector, for Brazil and its 27 Federative Units, using the following variables: Gross Domestic Product (GDP); Gross value of production; Added value; Jobs; Generation of income; Indirect taxes collected (including Industrialized Products Tax (IPI), Value Added Tax (ICMS), Service Tax (ISS) and others).

We are members of

GIFE (Group of Foundations, Institutes and Companies)

APF (São Paulo State Foundations Association)

WINGS (Worldwide Initiative for Grantmaker Support)

Catalyst 2030 – Collaborating to achieve the SDGs


Research Nucleus

Together with the actions for advocacy and publicity of content, we also seek to be present in strategic areas, whether at our own initiative or through partnerships with other institutions.

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