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Investment in child health

We well know that the improvement of health of Brazilian children and teenagers is a very complex issue, which does not allow either partial or excessively quick solutions. What we really need is a set of measures that can effectively tackle the different factors that prevent our children from developing their true potential.


Government Policies Forum

As the main initiative of advocacy within the Foundation, this event has the main purpose of spreading technical and scientific knowledge, so as to contribute with creation and adoption of standards, Government policies, and best practices that generate relevant impact on health and on quality of life of children and teenagers.

Communication Award

Quality information has the power of helping society, particularly families, carers and decision makers, to encourage making sure of the healthy development of our young people. For this reason, the population must be aware of the importance of the information sources around, adding value to the scientific character and the democratic access to relevant content.

This is the spirit of the FJLES Communication Award. With four different categories in all, the initiative is aimed primarily at journalists, content writers, organizations of civil society and Journalism students that portray the situation of children’s health in our country. In the first edition, more than 180 news reports from all over the country were entered to participate.

Child Life Specialist

A new profession now comes to Brazil through the José Luiz Egydio Setúbal Foundation. This work consists of bringing greater lightness to the experience of the child and of his or her family while at hospital, through interventions based on development and based on evidence.

Therapeutic play activities, preparation, and education with regard to procedures help to reduce fear, anxiety and pain, in babies, children, and teenagers. The pilot Project is currently under way at the Sabará Children’s Hospital, and the next step for the implementation of the program is the training of more professional staff. Thinking of this, there was the launch of a graduate studies program in Psychology and Children’s Health.

Project Support

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