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Support to Communities

Em paralelo às ações de advocacy e à disseminação de conteúdo, também buscamos estar presentes em áreas estratégicas, seja em iniciativas próprias ou por meio de parcerias com outras instituições.

Our Initiative

Good Square

As we understand that play activities are very important for the well-being of the child, we have established that one of our goals is that of renovating squares in the city of São Paulo. Every year, one district is selected to receive improvements through a collaborative process that involves the community, the City Hall and the Cidades.co platform as well as the community in general.

Hospital Volunteering 

Volunteer work is serious business here at the Foundation – it is not enough to just like children and to be available to play. As a partnership forged between the PENSI Institute and the Sabará Children’s Hospital, volunteer work has the mission of helping the children and their families while they are staying at the Sabará, thereby softening the delicate experience of being admitted to a hospital. Every volunteer goes through an intense training program, including mentorships, lessons, simulations, and round-table discussions with each new group, as well as constant refresher activities with those who are already part of the team. At present, the program has 130 participants who, in 2021, donated more than 4,000 working hours. Most of these activities have been carried out remotely, due to the pandemic.

The Fantastic Trip 

Held since 2017, the Fantastic Trip seeks to nurture actions of citizenship within our staff, through a weekend of volunteer work. This annual initiative normally gathers hundreds of people, including collaborators, friends, and relatives – both those of the Foundation as well as those of Sabará and PENSI. For one weekend, teams work in needy communities carrying out construction work and repairs. Before each edition, the volunteers collect donations of building materials and other necessary items. The result is a transformation of the life and the self-esteem of the community that receives the Fantastic Trip.


Renovation of two squares in the neighborhood of Jardim Lapenna, in São Miguel Paulista, an outlying suburb in the East Zone of São Paulo, carried out in partnership with the Oasis Project and the Tide Setúbal Foundation.


Refurbishment of 12 houses where 420 children with special needs live, in the city of Santana de Parnaíba. The work for the improvement of the environments and of accessibility was carried out in partnership with the Rainha da Paz Association, an NGO that is responsible for the children.


This year, the Trip went to 12 shelters for children and young people, operated by São Paulo City Hall, known as Saicas, in the neighborhoods of Perus, Pirituba, Lapa and Pinheiros. The team of over 300 volunteers made repairs and minor refurbishments of the spaces, and also made the weekend of the children and adolescents much happier.

Project Support 

Tide Setúbal,
Matching Fund Enfrente

The Onda Estruturante do Matchfunding Enfrente Project is aimed at the strengthening of local agents in outlying districts that seek long-term solutions for social, economic, and urban problems. Having been given grants from 2021 to 2023, this project has the premise of promoting better living conditions of outlying territories, as well as strengthening the power of reaction to periods of crisis.

In 2021, fifteen initiatives achieved 100% of the target collection as set. The total sum involved at this stage was BRL 1,432,497, with the Enfrente Collaborative Fund (which we take part in) having collaborated with BRL 900 thousand and BRL 532,497 collected through crowdfunding.

Projeto Bom de Escola
para ser Bom de Bola

Reconstrução da cobertura de quadra na cidade de Osvaldo Cruz, interior de São Paulo, prevista para junho. O projeto é idealizado pelo gari Márcio Aparecido Bezerra que, com a fundação do time de futebol amador Clube Atlético Vila Esperança, estimula 127 crianças da região a desenvolverem atividades esportivas e outros cursos de aprendizagem. A FJLES também apoia a iniciativa patrocinando o uniforme dos atletas.

Support for the Santa Casa Hospital in Ouro Fino

  • This small hospital in the Southern part of Minas Gerais State has 50 hospital beds and was operating precariously. Support with resources was channeled into the development of 3 main fronts of activity: Administration and Governance, with the (implementation of an information system; relationship with stakeholders in the health area); and a Plan for Collection of Resources with alternative sources.

Friends of Youth Society in Águas da Prata, São Paulo State.

  • Consultancy services for management and collection of resources;
  • Donation of 15 computers and additional funding for completion of projects;
  •  Monthly donation for maintenance.

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