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Finalized Projects

Right from the start of our journey back in 2010, we have already entered into partnerships with many different philanthropic institutions, been part of scientific nuclei, organized forums, and taken part in volunteering campaigns. Many of these projects are still bearing fruit, with new developments expected for the coming years. Below, you will find more details about the initiatives we have now finalized.


With the intensification of the pandemic in Brazil, the Foundation understands that this would be the crucial moment to act in defense of the more vulnerable children and teenagers. Thus, the Board of the institution has approved, as emergency funding, an additional budget of BRL 1 million, for philanthropic institutions that serve needy families.

The donations were made between April and December 2020, being distributed, as priorities, for actions that promoted food security, complementary income, and support for health.

Food Safety

Rainha da Paz Association

  • Support for over 8 thousand people from the far South of the city of São Paulo, with the handing over of 1,830 staple food hampers including items for cleaning and hygiene, 1,000 breakfast kits, 3,000 meals for street dwellers, and 4,570 masks.

Abrinq Foundation

  • Distribution of 7,273 cestas básicas through the chain of partner organizations in the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Ceará and Paraíba.

Anjos da Noite

  • Distribution of 5,520 meals to street dwellers in São Paulo city center.

‘Caça-Fome’ Institute

  • Action in support of collection of electronic trash converted into donations to the Institute, thereby generating support for 162 staple food hampers. 


Income for families in outlying districts 

Belém Mission

  • Support for carers of street dwellers as sheltered at Casa da Sé. This was used to pay health professionals and also to acquire medical supplies and domestic appliances for expansion in the capacity for service.

‘Salvando Vidas’ Campaign

  • Donation for purchase of personal protection equipment (PPEs). Financial support (doubled by the BNDES) to protect those working at the front line of philanthropic hospitals in Brazil.

Gerando Falcões

  • Production of the “Papo Reto Covid” series, with 10 videos in local language, with information about access to social benefits and prevention.
  • Partnership with the women’s cooperative, for the production of 9 thousand masks that were donated to the Tide Setúbal Hospital.

Matchfunding ‘Enfrente’

  • Donation to the Fund that makes the matching, BRL 2 for every BRL 1 received on the group financing platform. The total sum mobilized was over BRL 7 million and, in all, 265 projects from the five regions of the country received some support, directly helping over 222 thousand people living in outlying urban districts.


Mobilização Empresarial pela Primeira Infância

Launched at the end of 2018, the goal of this Project was to bring together, sensitize, inform and train businesspeople for the development of activities in favor of early childhood, together with their staff and in the communities where they are located. Early childhood is defined as the period between birth and age 6, and is considered by experts as the key period of child development, having an influence on the whole of a person’s future.

FJLES had the support of FIESP and ReadyNation, a non-profit organization that is active around the world, seeking economic development starting out from an investment in youth. This initiative was discussed at the ReadyNation Global Meeting on Early Childhood, in New York City, where 230 business leaders from 16 different countries had a meeting to share best practices around the issue of early childhood as a business strategy to boost the economy.

This Project had a total of 245 participants in workshops. In the activities carried out, we have had the presence of Dr. Fátima Fernandes as a representative of FJLES, members of the ConSocial of FIESP (Dr. Raul Cutait and Gracia Fragalá), representatives of ReadyNation (Robert H. Dugger and Daniel Frank), and invited guests (like City Councilor Janaína Lima, Dr. Ricardo Paes de Barros, Dr. Edson Amaro and professors Nathan A. Fox, from the University of Maryland, and Charles Zeanah from Tulane University).

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